Nic Bongers Returns for Lousy FMarch Weather

February 18, 2019

David, Jim and Nic talk about the Katana from a realistic perspective and discuss a myriad of pickup and gear related topics. 


We Actually Play Guitar

February 11, 2019

Imagine that? Jim and David actually sit down and play guitars for the audience as they explore groove and talk about Stevie T, CLF Research and other things. (as usual) Oh yeah, and there's that pickup giveaway thing...


Beginner Tip Ignorance & Legalese

February 4, 2019

David and Jim discuss a range of topics including ASCAP/BMI and Robert Baker's tips for beginning guitarists. David briefly discusses the Helix. (again)


David and Jim Talk Namm

February 1, 2019

Yup. Obligatory Namm episode. If you like hearing about the same crap again and again--listen to this one.


Steven Miller Returns

January 28, 2019

Steven Miller returns, this time he talks with Jim and David about all the troubling human element issues of recording as well as his own new endeavors. 


An Open Mic

January 21, 2019

Jim and David discuss Open Mics, guilty pleasure gear, and pedal cloning.


From The Trunk

January 14, 2019

Jim and David talk about a plethora of guitar topics this week. First, they riff on the 10 amps beginners should avoid. Second, Jim brings up his G-System woes, and David talks about his own Helix revival. Eddie Trunk's behavior/demeanor is discussed at the end.


Wooden Tone

January 7, 2019

David and Jim discuss strings and tonewood for 2 hours. They're sorry.

If you only hear theme music. Delete the episode from your podcast app and re-download it. 



December 31, 2018

David and Jim talk about the Guitologist and trends in music as well as reveal some ideas for Gearfest 2019.


Eve of Eves

December 24, 2018

David and Jim talk about future game plans with equipment, customization of instruments, custom instruments, and amplifier options.